Why Cove Acre?

The best path to achieving zero workplace injuries is through understanding and managing hazards and risk. It is critical for managers and employees to have the tools to recognize, understand, and manage workplace hazards and risks.

Cove Acre Corp provides a wide selection of both In-Person and Online occupational health and safety training to help employers protect their employees and stay in compliance with OSHA requirements.

In-Person Training

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that employees have a full understanding of the hazards and risks they face and how to properly manage those hazards and risks. Cove Acre instructors are not simply talking heads delivering a message. All of our trainers have years of experience in a variety of industries as safety and environmental practitioners ... [ more ]

Online Training

Many companies look to supplement their in-person training with online training. Cove Acre's online training library provides our clients access to over 1,500 training topics for workplace safety, hazard awareness, and soft skills.  The Cove Acre online training portal is intuitive, available 24 hours a day, and easy to purchase and utilize at any time ... [ more ]

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