Culture Change

It is all too common that organizations struggle to maintain low injury rates and struggle to bring occupational safety into the forefront of organizational thought and practices.  In these circumstances, businesses spend a great deal of time and money reacting to incidents, their insurance premiums skyrocket, and often quality suffers as well.

The team at Cove Acre can work with your management workforce to bring about a Safety Culture Change to your organization.  Our Safety Culture Change process has been developed and improved over the course of many years to become the outstanding process it is today.  Our Safety Culture Change process engages the entire workforce in safety and brings about a permanent change in how your organization approaches safety practices, risk management, and risk reduction.  

Additional benefits that are consistently noted from our Safety Culture Change process include reduced staff turnover, reduced quality issues, incident rates at or approaching zero, and increased teamwork amongst coworkers.

Call us today to schedule a no-cost consultation visit to analyze your operation and discuss how we can assist you with your safety program and company safety culture.

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