Leadership and Staff


Cove Acre Corporation is owned and operated by its president, Mark Franklin. 

Mark has 25 years of experience in Environmental, Health, and Safety management across many industries, chemical emergency response, hazardous waste management, safety and environmental program management, compliance and management program auditing (safety, quality, environmental), training on over 40 individual topics and much more.

Mark also holds a US Coast Guard Masters License with Sail and Towing endorsements and over 100,000 sea miles of experience both near-shore and off-shore.


The staff at Cove Acre provides a level of professionalism and individual client attention that is rarely seen today.  We all are driven by the desire to provide perfection of service every time.  Our procedures drive us all to take many extra steps to ensure we are always prepared to meet our client needs, we are prepared for any challenges that may unexpectedly pop up during a job, and our clients experience only perfect service.  All of the extra work we put into providing great service to our customers is a part of how we conduct our business. 

Extra costs associated with providing such a high level of service are never passed along to the customer.  We consider these a cost of doing business and the rewards are the great relationships we build with clients that keep coming back to us.

The highest form of compliment we can receive or give is a referral.  Our clients consistently refer us to other colleagues and businesses, and Cove Acre staff quite often refer business back to our clients where we see opportunity.

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