How Knowledge Sharing can Boost EHS Compliance

September 28, 2023
by Luke Jacobs, EHS Today

Here are three common barriers to environmental reporting compliance—and three ways to overcome them.

Environment, health and safety (EHS) professionals in manufacturing are faced with the challenge of maintaining a safe workplace for employees across multiple facilities. This is in addition to maintaining compliance with any highly regulated industry standards on a daily basis.

EHS professionals play an integral role in ensuring reporting compliance, preserving environmental health and mitigating noncompliance risks across the entire business operations. This includes managing reporting deadlines and inventories for an extensive amount of chemicals, collecting environmental data for Tier II reports and maintaining Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) compliance. When these tasks and data are scattered, it can feel like an impossible job for one person, or even a team of EHS professionals, to handle.

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