Cove Acre Sanitization Services

As a business owner or manager, you certainly want to keep your operations running, your clients satisfied, and everyone safe and healthy. You want your clients to feel comfortable walking through the doors of your establishment. You want your guests to have confidence that you have taken the steps necessary to provide them a safe environment.

Cove Acre is the solution you will use to provide that comfort and confidence. We offer sanitizing services for your facility which includes cleaning/disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces, fogging of the entire facility with hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant solutions, and complete facility disinfection including outdoor working and dining spaces.

Why use Cove Acre for sanitizing services? The owner of Cove Acre is a 25 year industry veteran of managing hazardous materials, hazardous waste, biohazards, and response to hazardous materials and biohazard incidents.

The Cove Acre staff are experts in regulatory compliance and workplace safety. All of that knowledge and experience provides you with a service that is performed by the best trained staff in the industry with a focus on keeping your staff, guests, and facility safe.

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