In early 2020 our contemporary world changed dramatically. This is not the first time the US has faced dangerous viruses and likely will not be the last.

Cove Acre is here to help your business through these challenging times.

Cove Acre Sanitization Services

As a business owner or manager, you certainly want to keep your operations running, your clients satisfied, and everyone safe and healthy. You want your clients to feel comfortable walking through the doors of your establishment. You want your guests to have confidence that you have taken the steps necessary to provide them a safe environment ... [ more ]

COVID-19 Safety

With all of the CDC recommendations, state reopening plans and state requirements for opening business and running construction projects it can be quite a daunting task to ensure everything is done properly. You want to be sure that you have taken all possible steps to protect your employees and your customers. Cove Acre can help you design and implement a plan specific to your facility that provides for safety for everyone relative to Covid-19 or even the seasonal influenza virus ... [ more ]

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